10 Easy Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate


With the holiday season coming up, which is often the busiest season for Ecommerce entrepreneurs, its important to know that your online store is ready for that influx of people looking to buy. A lot of online stores don’t maximize their full potential conversion rate simply because they don’t know what could be improved. We have laid out 10 tips that will help you to increase your Ecommerce conversion rate. These tips are easy to implement and do not require the help of an experienced programmer.

1. Make sure customers feel no risk when buying from you.

A customer needs to feel absolutely no risk when he is deciding to buy from your website. You can do this by adding so called “Risk reducers” to prominent places on your product pages. The most important risk reduces include: free shipping, quick delivery (1 or 2 days is preferred), and of course the guarantee that the customer can return at any time without any cost should the product not live up to its expectations.

2. Offer a live chat to your customers.

Most online stores have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that contains the most asked questions and their answers. However, when a customer has a question that isn’t listed in the FAQ he needs to resolve to emailing you for an answer. This takes a lot of time and that is a deal-breaker for a lot of people. When you offer a live chat on your Ecommerce site customers can quickly ask a question and get a quick reply, just like in a real brick and mortar store.

3. Highlight your USP’s (Unique Selling Points) on your Homepage

Your homepage should highlight your most important value propositions. Explain to the customer why they should buy at your online store. When thinking about USP’s you can think of terms like: “Selling (insert item here) since 2002”, “Free returns within 30 days”, “Over (insert number here) statisfied customers”.

4. High resolution product pictures.

Be sure to have high quality pictures of your product on the product page. Visitors should be able to see the picture in its full size either through a jQuery pop-up box or a jQuery mouse-hover zoom feature. When you only have low resolution and small pictures on your Ecommerce site it looks very unprofessional and it makes your online store look shady.

5. Optimize your product descriptions.

A product picture can only say so much. You can use the product description to make the customer experience and feel what owning your product feels like before they have bought it. We believe that the product description is one of the most important conversion rate increasers. With the correct use of Buzz words and a little bit of humor here and there you can convince customers to buy your product.

6. Make your “Add to Cart” button bright and big.

Your call to action buttons should be big, bright and colorful. The call to action button is the final switch of making a visitor a customer so it should be instantly visible on your product page. The button doesn’t have to be extremely fancy, just a simple button with a clear call to action will do fine. Look at the picture below for inspiration.

Add to cart button example

7. Add detailed stock information to your product page.

Most online stores have a small text on their product page that states that the product the visitor is looking at is “in stock”. This might seem sufficient to you, but making it stand out with color and more information can really increase your conversion rate. A great example would be to include the actual stock items. You could tell the customers that there are 3 items left in stock. This puts a little bit pressure on them to buy quickly before the product is sold out. Additionally you could make the text that says in stock green.

8. Give your logo a Holiday make-over.

Updating your logo to fit the current holiday is a great way to show that your online store is up to date and on top of things. You don’t have to go all out and make a complete redesign, but adding a small santa hat on the top of your logo can make a big difference. Anyone with Photoshop or Paint can fix that within a few minutes. After the holiday ends you change your logo back to its default state.

9. Encourage customers to write product reviews.

Product reviews are a very important factor for a customer when he decides to buy from your online store. Lets look at it from the customer’s perspective: you have 2 different Ecommerce sites open in 2 different browser tabs. They both sell the same product, but one store has 3 customer reviews, and the other store has zero. Not hard to guess which store you are most likely to order from. Social proof plays a big role in todays society so you should encourage your customers to write reviews. You can email customers 1 or 2 weeks after their purchase asking them to review the product for you. To encourage them even more you could give them an incentive like 5% discount on their next purchase in return for an honest product review.

10. Optimize your checkout procedure.

The checkout process is one of the areas that gets mostly overlooked when a site admin is optimizing his Ecommerce store. Basic things like a one step checkout procedure can increase your sales dramatically. It’s also very important to make sure your checkout cart is responsive as there is a big shift to mobile Ecommerce happening right now. Each year customers are buying more and more via smartphones and tablets so it is important to make sure you are ready for that market.

I hope these tips have given you some insight in what you could change on your Ecommerce store that you wouldn’t have thought about before. If you have more tips to add that have worked for you be sure to leave a comment to help your fellow Ecommerce entrepreneurs out!


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