Automatic Related Products for Magento 2


One of the most time-consuming tasks of a Magento store admin is setting related , upsell & cross-sell products. Even in Magento 2, the process is a pain in the a** for many store owners that consumes a lot of time that could have been spent on optimizing product pages and marketing efforts.

Fortunately, with Automatic Related Products for Magento 2 you can completely automate this process in an awesome way. You no longer have to select related, upsell and cross-sell products for each product you create in your catalog, as this extension will manage all this stuff automatically. It will connect the best related, upsell and cross-sell products with your products through an advanced algorithm that checks which products are checked out together by customers. You can also add some very specific rule conditions that the related products should meet when they are connected.

Related Products Automation

The related products are connected to your products through an algorithm that sees what products are checked out together by your customers. This means that the more visitors your store attracts, the more accurate the related products will be. You can also put an unlimited amount of rule conditions that your related products need to meet. The conditions that can be set are completely customizable. You can choose from product category and attribute selection (Ex: color is blue).Related products conditions

Layout Customization

You can completely customize the way the related products are displayed on your Magento 2 store. You can choose from a traditional grid view, list view and slider view (carrousel). For each layout you can choose the number of rows, quantity of items and the sorting options. Other customization options include a custom block title, block position on product page and cart page. All these options are manageable from the admin panel.

Magento 2 related products

User Experience

The ultimate goal of installing this extension in your Magento 2 store is to enhance the user experience of your customers. With relevant suggestions for related products, upsell and cross-sells your customers will spend more money in your store and they have an easier time finding the items they need. You can track the effectiveness of the rules/conditions directly from the admin panel. This allows you to completely tweak your related products set-up until its perfect and yielding the best results. You can download the extension here.

The extension is completely developed according to the Magento 2 development standards. It’s open-source and can be installed without a Magento developer.


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