The Best e-Commerce Platforms


In the past couple of years e-Commerce has grown from a small gimmick to an essential part of businesses all over the world. If you don’t have an e-Commerce store yet, you should. But, which e-Commerce platform should you choose? The list below features the best e-Commerce platforms out there, and each one of them has their own unique features. Click any of the titles of the shopping cart software below to go to their official website.


Magento ecommerce platform

The undisputed number one e-Commerce platform is of course Magento. There are more then 200.000 webshops running the open source software all over the world. The software is free, and there are a lot of themes and more than 10.000 extensions available to download through the built in extension platform: Magento Connect. Since version 1.9 they are native responsive, which makes them one of the first major e-Commerce platforms to do so. Responsive websites greatly increase the user experience of the visitor, thus increasing your sales online. Another nice and unique feature of Magento is the option to have multiple store views under one domain and admin panel. You can even go as far as running multiple stores on multiple domains under one admin panel. This is extremely efficient if you have a large shop, and this is certainly a great feature if you want to scale things up later on.

Open Cart

Open cart e-commerce

Open Cart is an e-Commerce platform that looks a lot like Magento, although it has less features, themes and extensions, it is a fairly easy to understand shopping cart solution that has a solid community and user base. Open Cart has more then 20 payment gateways installed in your shop, and their order management system makes it easy for store owners to organize and manage their orders. With Customer Groups you can also create a B2B shop right off the bat.


shopify shopping cart solution

Shopify is a paid e-Commerce solution, which is not open source. Instead you’ll pay Shopify a monthly fee (depending on your package) and they will host the site for you. It is an easy and convenient way to start your own online store, but you don’t have as much freedom as you do with self hosted e-Commerce platforms. However, most web masters will have sufficient options in Shopify as is. They also offer a great variation of add-on apps, which lets you completely configure your shop how you want it. Their API lets you play with customers data very easily. This can be used to build a SalesForce connector for example.


WooCommerce online store

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress integrated shopping cart solution, used by thousands of web masters who run a blog, but also want an additional store in their website. The WooCommerce platform does a great job in giving your WordPress site a shopping element, although it is not sufficient to run a big online store on it. You should view WooCommerce as the solution for bloggers who want to sell a few products like an e-book, or some graphics they designed.


Prestashop E-commerce

PrestaShop is a very popular shopping cart platform in europe. With more then 310 basic functions, and over 2500 modules available for the platform, most users have sufficient functions available to efficiently manage their stores. The platform is completely open source and free. Simple Catalog & Inventory management make this a very efficient e-Commerce platform. It is also very easy to export your products to E-bay, which is a great function for drop shippers.


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