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Magento 2 Certified developerWith the release of the new Magento 2 platform there also are a lot of new extensions that store owners need to check-out and install in their stores. We have created a list of the best Magento 2 extensions that every store owner should have in their Magento 2 store. All of the extensions are created by experienced and certified Magento Developers, so they are tested and high quality.

Gift Card Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 gift card extension

Offering a gift card in your store can greatly increase your revenue. Lot’s of gift and holiday shoppers don’t know what kind of present to give to their family or friends. Offering a gift card can solve that problem for them, and it will net you more revenue. With the Gift Card extension for Magento 2 you can easily sell physical and virtual gift cards. The gift cards are customizable with a custom design, picture and personal message. The amount the gift certificate is worth can be specified by the buyer. After the gift card is bought it can be sent directly to the receiver through email or post.

Get the gift card extension for Magento 2

Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 related products

Choosing related, upsell and cross-sell products for each product in your store is a boring and time-consuming task. You can automate this process with the Magento 2 automatic related products extension. Through and advanced algorithm based on your own rules the extension will interlink all your products by checking what products your visitors check out together. This means that the more visitors you have, the more accurate the related products will be. Highly recommended extension for any Magento 2 store owner.

Get the Automatic Related Products extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Questions

Magento 2 product questions

Easily allow your customers to ask questions about your products and share additional information about the products. Customers can ask the question directly from the product page and can opt-in for product updates (stock update, price change). The questions asked will be displayed on the product page along with your answer. Customers can view all the asked questions and rate them for usefulness.

Download Magento 2 Product Questions

Magento 2 Follow Up Email

Magento 2 follow up email extension

Increase customer interaction with automatic Magento 2 follow-up emails. The extension comes with 5 predefined trigger events that send a follow-up email to your customer. You can add, and customize your own triggers. The predefined triggers are: abandoned cart, order processing like a change of order status, new registration, birthday, long period of inactivity and much more! Email templates can be created and edited with a built-in WYSIWYG editor in the Magento 2 admin panel. You can also track and see the effectiveness of the follow-up emails.

Download Follow Up Email for Magento 2

Advanced Reports for Magento 2

Magento 2 advanced reports extension

With this advanced reports extension for Magento 2 you can easily see the results and performance of your business. It provides great analytical insights, that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise in Magento. With a great sales overview and product performance you know exactly what is going on in your store. You can also check sales by category, payment type, coupon code and manufacturer sales break down by corresponding criteria.

Download Advanced Reports for Magento 2

Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Magento 2 improved layered navigation

The follow-up extension of the massively successful extension of the first Magento version. The improved layered navigation extension for Magento 2 is even better than its predecessor. Improve your store’s layered navigation to make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Multi-select filter options based on attribute, Price slider, Search by product attributes and the possibility to remove selected options. Greatly improve your Magento 2 store’s SEO to get more visitors and revenue. Choose from AJAX or normal navigation. Drag & drop extension, works out of the box with any theme.

Download Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Custom Stock Status for Magento 2

Magento 2 custom stock status

With custom stock statuses you can provide precise information about stock availability on particular products. This will attract more attention from customers and make them buy more. You can create multiple custom stock statuses for any product you like. You can also add icons and countdowns to these statuses. The extension also lets you show out of stock options for configurable products (1 left in size S, 2 left in size M). These custom stock statuses will also be displayed on the cart and checkout page.

Download the Custom Stock Status extension for Magento 2

Multiple Coupons for Magento 2

Magento 2 multiple coupons extension

Increase customer loyalty by enabling registered customers to use multiple discount coupons in a single order. You can also choose to let guest customers use multiple discount coupons. Additionally you can select coupons that can’t be used together, and create custom rules for usage of coupons. Everything is easily manageable from the admin panel. All applied coupons are displayed on the checkout page.

Download the Multiple Coupons extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

Magento 2 out of stock notification

Easily let customers subscribe to stock updates and price alerts. Automatically send an email to a customer whenever a product they subscribed to is back in stock. Subscribe to stock notifications on configurable products. Customers can easily manage all their product subscriptions from the customer area. You can see how many people have subscribed to stock notifications for each products. If for example 5 people have subscribed to product X, you can assume that at least 2 or 3 of them will buy the product once it’s back in stock since they are so interested in the product. Helps you to see what items you should probably restock in your store.

Download the Magento 2 out of Stock Notifications Extension

Product Feed for Magento 2

Magento 2 data feed extension

Easily create product feeds in Magento 2. These data feeds are needed for online shopping engines and marketplaces. These include Google shopping, Twenga, BingShopping, Kelkoo, Beslist, Amazon and much more. With this extension, you can create these data feeds with the click of a button. With a cronjob they are kept up to date with your latest products without any interference needed from you. It’s simply set and forget. You also don’t have to create the feeds yourself, as the extension comes with ready-made templates for the most popular shopping engines. The number of feeds you can generate is unlimited.

Download product data feed manager for Magento 2

Improved Sorting for Magento 2

Magento 2 improved sorting extension

The default sorting options that come with Magento 2 are very limited. This extension solves that problem because it adds a range of new sorting options to your store. New sorting options like ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Top Rated’, ‘Most Viewed’ and more. It will also give customers the option to sort out of stock products and products without a product image last. This makes sure your store looks very clean and organized.

Download the Improved Sorting extension for Magento 2

Free Gift for Magento 2

Magento 2 free gift extension

Surprise your customers with a free gift upon purchase. Online shoppers love freebies, and you can offer them a free gift through a pop-up on the cart page. This free gift can be anything from a free souvenir to a full on free product. You can also choose to offer a free product when a certain coupon code is used. The free gifts will be offered until they are out of stock. The free gift products are just regular products in the Magento backend, so you can use any normal attribute you’d like. Also able to offer configurable products as a free gift.

Download the Free Gift Extension for Magento 2

Layered Navigation

brands navigation magento 2

Improve your layered navigation filter options. Must have extension that any store owner should download. Features include: Multiple product attribute select, no page refresh on selection of product attribute, SEO URL’s, Advanced sorting options (Price slider, show in stock only), Shop by brand and much more.
Download Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Advanced Product Feeds

Customize product feed Magento 2

Easily create product feeds for online shopping engines like Google Shopping, Bing and Amazon. The most advanced product feed extension of this moment. A huge amount of options makes this extension the best choice for small & lare store’s. Comes included with 20+ data feed templates for the most popular shopping engines. Supports filtering the uploaded products, creation of dynamic attributes and category mapping.

Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2

Magento 2 Blog Extension

Magento 2 blog post

Add a blog to your Magento store to create a new tool to reach your audience. Blogs have been proven to be a great new source of visitors for online stores. With this extension, you can add a blog to your Magento 2 store and get started blogging right away! The extension is easy to setup and use. Adding blogs is very easy and you have all the writing tools you need within reach with this module. Highly recommended to add to your store.

Click here to check out the Magento 2 Blog Extension

Magento 2 Store Locator

Magento 2 store locator

With this extension you can easily add a store locator to your Magento 2 store which enables customers to find your physical store locations that are near them. The extension increases user experience, and projects a high level of trust and professionalism to your current and potential customers. The store locator uses an interactive Google Map that has navigation and scaling options built in.

Click here to view and download the Magento 2 Store Locator

Magento 2 Loyalty Program

Magento 2 loyalty program

The Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension is an excellent way to increase the amount of returning customers your store has. This will lead to more revenue and ultimately more profit for you. The extension adds 22 additional ways to embrace customers to return to your store. They can view what’s next for them in the customer account dashboard. You can use product, customer and cart attributes to set up special promotions and actions that will fire automatically once the requirements are met. This ensures a hands off approach to increase your profit and customer satisfaction.

You can download the extension and learn more about it by clicking this link.

As of this moment, these are the best Magento 2 extension available. As time progresses and more extensions for the new version come available, we will update the list. So, be sure to bookmark and check back on this page regularly to find out what new extensions have been released by the developers.


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