How To Correctly Install a Magento Theme


If you want to give your Magento shop a new look, you might have stumbled across a site like Themeforest, that offers Magento Themes. However, most of the times these themes aren’t very well documented and are often installed the wrong way. Before you start installing your new template, you want to make sure you’ve taken a few precautions.

It’s recommended to always backup your database incase an install script corrupts your database. When this happens your Magento site will most likely throw a big error, and if you’re not very tech savvy you most likely won’t know what to do. Restoring the database will fix your webshop and you can detect which install script gave the error.

It is also recommeded to make a backup of your files. You can download the whole root directory where your Magento site is hosted in. Now we have a backup of your data and files, so we can continue with the installation of your new Theme.

Upload the theme files to your root directory via an ftp program like FileZilla. Wait till the upload has been completed and login to the Admin backend of your Magento installation. Go to System > Configuration > Design. Set the theme as default CSS, Template files and javascript files. Most of the time you can use the name of your theme.

Clean your cache and Re-index your data. Your new theme will now be used as the design for your Magento shop!


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