This Dutch website is changing the way Ecommerce Works


Every so often a website comes along that completely changes the game in the field it operates. This time, it’s in the field of Ecommerce where the website is changing the game with an innovative new approach.

The website helps customers find the best products in the power tools and hand tools. They also feature a great selection of garden & landscaping tools. For each type of tools like power tools, there are all the products that fall under power tools like power drills and rotary hammers. The customer can then select the tools they are looking for. This could, for example, be ‘Bosch power drills’ or ‘Makita rotary drills’. All neatly organised and easy to navigate through.

Obviously, these pages are in dutch as the site is made for people in the Netherlands, but the structure is something many international companies can learn something from. It certainly has inspired us to plan some changes to our website.

The approach this website has taken feels very fresh and innovative. It’s certainly much better than the usual filter types we are used to wich, by the way, most of the time don’t even make a good selection of products. We hope other online stores will adapt to this approach as well as it increases customer experience and makes online shopping easier for everyone.

Innovation Award

elektrisch gereedschapThe platform has been nominated for the Accenture Innovation Awards of 2016. The innovation awards get organized each year by Accenture. They focus on the best and newest innovations that have been done in the Netherlands that year. Getting nominated is a great honor. This is a great way for the platform to get some extra recognition it deserves. We encourage our readers to vote for them! We have already voted for them and we hope they win the innovation award. We’ll see you guys at the award ceremony.


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