The future of Ecommerce


Part of our job here at is predicting where Ecommerce, in general, is headed in the future, so our clients can prepare and adapt to the coming changes. In the Ecommerce world, it’s all about standing out from your competitors, and making use of the newest trends in the landscape can help store owners do that. In this post we take a look at the things we see becoming a trend in the Ecommerce landscape in the coming years.


Ironically, the thing that is currently destroying the Retail landscape, is moving to Retail itself. More and more online stores like Amazon have plans to open up their own retail locations where customers can pick-up their bought goods, go for advice and demo’s and get customer service when something is wrong with their product. It’s the next step in becoming even more ingrained in the life of the customer, and because these stores don’t have to turn a profit to stay open, they can just function as a part of the service Ecommerce giants offer.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also something we see becoming very important in Ecommerce. In a few years, the homepage of an online store will look differently for everyone, completely depending on interests of the customer. This data is at the moment gathered en masse by companies like Facebook, Google and much more. They will use it to sell to Ecommerce retailers to improve and suit the store more to your needs depending on the actions you take outside of the store. No longer is this generated on the basis of other products you might have looked at in the online store, but websites you visit, and movies you watch.

Focus on Customer

With the cost of creating an Ecommerce store dropping and dropping because of solutions like Magento and Shopify, stores will soon need to stand out from each other by focussing on the customer. This means faster delivery times (some stores already offer same-day delivery), longer return periods and free shipping. Other areas like personal shopping assistants, personalized advice etc may be done through AI like we discussed in the section above.

As you can see, these are our current thoughts on the future of online shopping and what’s in store (no pun intended) for us. What are your thoughts on the future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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