How to get more Newsletter subscribers


Email marketing is one of the most lucrative marketing techniques to invest your money in. It has proven time after time that it gives Ecommerce entrepreneurs the best bang for their buck with an average ROI of 2000%. Email marketing is the best way to reach your customers over and over again in one of their most personal spaces on the internet: the inbox.

Most of the clients we come across have added a newsletter signup box somewhere on their website asking customers to subscribe to stay up to date about the latest products and news. With this approach they think they’ve maximized their efforts to attract email signups and are often wondering whey they have only around 300 newsletter subscribers. To help our fellow Ecommerce entrepreneurs we have written down a few very valuable tips to increase your email marketing efforts and to get more newsletter signups.

1. Give the customer an incentive to signup

As much as you want them to, customers are not going to signup to your newsletter unless they get something out of it. Whenever they see a newsletter signup box the first thing they ask themselves is: Why would I signup for their newsletter? And they are completely right in thinking that. After all, would you be interested in receiving daily or weekly emails if it gained you nothing? Of course not! Therefor it is important that you offer your customers an incentive to signup to your newsletter. Something valuable that will make their life better.

The most popular incentive that is used in the Ecommerce industry is offering a discount to subscribers. The concept is very simple: a customer signs up to a newsletter and receives a discount coupon that can be used for their order. This can be a percentage of their order value like 5% or a set amount like 10$. You make the customer’s life easier because you save them money, thus they want to signup to your newsletter.

2. A checked newsletter signup checkbox upon registration and ordering

Most shopping cart systems like Magento have this option already built in. However, by default the checkbox is unchecked. This means that the customer has to make another click to check the box. You can increase your newsletter subscribers by having this boxed checked by default. This is very easy to do, and there are a lot of tutorials available on the internet. You can also hire a developer to do this for you. It’s a small change, but very worth implementing over the long run.

3. Hold contests or giveaways on Social Media

An other very popular method of increasing newsletter subscribers is holding contests on social media platforms like Facebook. You could host a monthly or weekly giveaway and give out product samples to your fans on Facebook. An raffle entry requirement could be that customers need to like, share your business page on Facebook and sign up for your newsletter.

And there you have it! A list with a few very lucrative tips that can greatly help increase your newsletter subscribers over the long run. We hope that you implement at least one of our tips, and let us know if you’ve seen an increase in signups after you’ve applied them!


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