How to Sell More

In the Ecommerce world, there’s only one thing that counts and that is revenue. Without it, your store won’t survive. On this page you will find all kinds of handy tips, extensions or other customization tools for Magento that will give you an advantage over the competition. Even the smallest change can help your store to generate more revenue and to sell more items. Check out all the Magento optimization articles below.

Magento Magento product color swatches

With the Product color swatches extension for Magento you can replace attribute values with a simple color switcher. This extension will make selecting a color for your product a lot more pleasurable as customers get to…

Magento Magento payment subscriptions

By default, Magento doesn’t offer you the option to configure or set payment subscriptions/recurring payments. This is one of Magento’s missing features that we get asked about the most, so we will dedicate this post…

Magento The right kind of Magento Hosting

Wether you are starting a Magento store, or already own one, eventually you’ll ask yourself the question: what kind of Magento hosting is right for me? It’s a genuine question as most online store owners are…

Magento Automate Up and Cross-sell products Magento

Recently we got a question from one of our readers about automating the process of selecting and selling cross-sell products on Magento product pages. We can see where this question is coming from, knowing that…

Magento Sell event tickets magento

Magento is the biggest e-Commerce platform, and it is most popular for its easy. However, for people who wanted to sell Event Tickets, the system was not really ideal, as downloadable products or digital products…

Magento Magento SEO Guide

When running a Magento webshop, SEO is vital for your organic listings. Organic traffic can become a big part of your revenue, so you should definitely SEO optimize your Magento shop. We found that other…