Improved Sorting for Magento 2


The default product sorting options on catalog pages aren’t very varied. By installing a layered navigation extension in Magento 2, you will increase the usability and filter options of your catalog and category pages by a bit, but there are still some popular sorting options that you’d miss out on.

improved sorting magento 2Improved Sorting for Magento 2

The improved sorting options for Magento 2 module gives your catalog a set of new and unique sorting options to make the products in your catalog and categories easily findable.

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The extension adds the following new sorting options to your Magento 2 store:

  • Sort by biggest discount, display name ‘Biggest Saving’.
  • Sort by most sales, ‘Bestsellers’.
  • Sort by product creation date, ‘New Products’.
  • Sort by rating and by the number of reviews, ‘Top Rated’ and ‘Reviews Count’.
  • Sort by the number of product views, ‘Most Viewed Products’.
  • Sort by presence in wishlists, ‘Now in Wishlists’.
  • Sort by the amount of products, ‘Quantity’.

We will explain the benefits of each of these sorting options below, so you get a good idea why it might be useful for your store.

Sort by Biggest Discount

This is a very nice sorting option for people who are looking for discounted products. When you are having a sale, it’s a great sorting option to have so users can easily see what products have the biggest discounts. Never let customers miss your deals again.

Sort on Biggest Savings

Shows products who have the biggest difference between the regular price, and the special price. This is very helpful for customers who are browsing through several online stores for the same product to find which store offers the cheapest price for the product.

Sort on Bestsellers

Very popular sorting option that shows customers the best-selling products based on number of times sold. The more sales a product has generated, the higher it is ranked in this sorting option. Great way to give your “winning” products some extra exposure.

Sort by Creation Date

Sorting option that allows your customers to display the newest added products first, based on date added. This sort by newest option especially works well on Tech & Fashion stores where people are always looking for the newest products.

Sort by Reviews

Customer reviews increase sales, that is a fact. With this sorting options customers have the ability to display the best-rated products at the top of your catalog. Great for customers who are looking for information about the product from other people who have already bought the product.

Sort by Most Viewed Product

Display’s the most visited products at the top of your catalog. Products that attract a lot of visits are probably also “winners”. Nice way to display your most popular products.

Sort by Wishlisted Products

Display the products that are wishlisted most at the top of your Magento 2 store. Instantly see the products other people want most. Great for in the holiday season when people are looking for products to gift their friends and family.

Sort by Quantity

Display products which have the most stock. This type of sorting is great for wholesalers who are looking for a bulk discount and want to see which products have the most stock.

Admin Options

You can disable any of the sorting options you don’t like. This can be done on catalog and category level. If you have a multi-store, you can also enable and disable them for each individual store.
You can also manage the order of the products in the ‘Bestseller’ and ‘Most viewed’ lists. This can be useful if you need to sell a product quicker, and it can be done with a few clicks.

The extension is developed and supported by Magento 2 certified developers. They are also Magento Bronze industry partners, which is a very high indication of quality work. The extension is open-source, and can be customized by anyone. No programming knowledge is required to install this extension.


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