Integrate Apple Pay in your Ecommerce store


Apple Pay has successfully been released this october in the United States and it is accepted at major retailers like McDonalds, Disney, Starbucks and a lot of other vendors. The payment system makes it possible for users to pay in a quicker and more secure way than they would with a normal credit card through advanced encryption and NFC. How does it work? Checkout this video to get an impression of Apple pay.

As you can see, payments with Apple Pay are instant, secure and very convenient for both the customer and the merchant. Luckily for you, Apple Pay can also be integrated into your ecommerce site or application. Look at the video below how this works out for the customer.

As you can see, its incredibly convenient for the mobile user to pay with just the tip of their finger instead of typing out all their credit card information at a tiny screen. When you integrate Apple Pay into your ecommerce site you are ready for the next generation mobile customers. Please be aware that Apple Pay can only be used online on IOS devices like the iPhone 6/6+, iPad mini and iPad. Android customers can not use this payment option on your site at this moment.

How to integrate Apple Pay into your ecommerce site

Integrating Apple pay into your ecommerce site or application is very easy and can be done through Stripe. The integration process should not take longer then 10 minutes as it are only a few lines of code that any developer can manage it’s way through. After the integration the customer can authorize a payment using Touch ID on their IOS device.

Apple pay ecommerce

The payment is literally completed within 1 second through Touch ID, and it breaks another barrier that mobile ecommerce faces: typing your credit card information on a tiny screen. Most users are very hesitant in typing this information on their cellphone and would rather do this at their desktop computer. Apple Pay removes this barrier and makes it much easier for customers to pay on their mobile phone which means more revenue for you. We therefore recommend you to integrate this payment gateway as soon as possible as you are losing possible customers everyday you wait any longer.


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