Loyalty Program Extension for Magento 2


Customer rewards are a great way to keep customers returning to your Magento 2 store for their purchases. With the Loyalty Program for Magento 2 extension, you can easily integrate a loyalty program into your Magento 2 store, and reap the benefits of returning customers to increase your revenue.

Magento 2 Loyalty Program

Magento 2 loyalty programAre you ready to take your stores revenue and returning customers to the next level? Click the button below to download this extension for Magento 2.

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As you probably know, there are literally thousands of Magento stores competing for customers on a daily basis. It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish yourself from other store owners who are also looking to differentiate themselves to attract customers. Adding a loyalty program to your store is a great way to capture a customer and to keep them with you for a very long time. With the loyalty program for Magento 2 extension, you can easily create a loyalty program that fits your specific store and target customer segment. You can display the loyalty program conditions directly on the account dashboard of customers to let them know what’s in store for them. You can use flexible customer conditions based on order and customer history. To get the full features, check below.


This extension makes it extremely easy to offer discounts based on customer and cart attributes. You can also create promotions based on the purchase history of a customer. Example: Customer buys a Tommy Hilfiger Shirt. You can set it up so the extension will automatically send them a discount for their next Tommy Hilfiger brand purchase. You can do this with any attribute you can imagine, be creative!

In total you can set up 22 additional automated actions for unique propositions for your customers. This is huge from a marketing standpoint.

Magento 2 Loyalty Program

The best part is, customers will get a nice overview on the customer account page that shows them all the benefits they are about to receive when staying a customer at your store. These loyalty program steps are easily customizable and you can use HTML and Catchy images to spark their imagination and get them excited. To give you an impression, take a look below.

loyalty program customer

We are sure this extension will help to increase your sales and returning visitors tremendously. It’s developed by Magento Developers and completely Open-source. You can download the extension by clicking the orange “Download Extension” button above.



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