Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension


It’s a common issue: You want to increase the level of customer service that you have in your store and choose when you’ll receive your orders, but you don’t know where to start. Getting new customers is great, but if they can’t be converted to return customers, it’ll be hard to build up the client base of your company. One of the best ways to ensure that your clients stick with you for all of their future orders is to offer an exact delivery date estimation extension.

Delivery Date Extension for Magento 2

magento 2 delivery date

Many customers want to be able to specify a date and receive their item right then. Ensuring that this happens can be a tricky process, especially if you try to handle this on your own by working with the delivery company. Instead, the Magento 2 Delivery Date Estimation Extension is an extension that can expedite this process so that you can spend more time on being excellent and less time on fretting over delivery details. To download this extension, hit the orange button below.

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In studies that have been done in the past, upwards of half of all customers would be willing to pay more for their order if their chosen delivery date was available to them. With so many customers willing to shell out more to ensure that they get their order on time, it’s essential that you have the ability to meet this growing demand.


With this extension, your customers will be able to select their preferred delivery date and even the time of its arrival right from checkout. They’ll even have the option of providing extra notes to the delivery person so that their order will be delivered the way they want it. Since this is handled all on the checkout page, the customer won’t have to navigate to a whole new page to put in this information. This level of convenience can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

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The great thing about this extension for the business owner is that certain dates can be manually excluded from the menu that customers see. This means that you won’t have any unfortunate situations where a customer specifies a delivery on a holiday, only for the delivery company to be unable to deliver on that date. Customers appreciate transparency, and every little effort counts.

Delivery intervals

This extension allows you to set the minimum as well as maximum delivery intervals inside the system in order to ensure that your customer’s item is delivered when it’s supposed to be. This delivery interval extends even to the time of delivery. What this means is that your customer won’t have to wait by the door for hours for their item to arrive. Since they’ll know exactly when the item is coming, they’ll be able to go about their day and get home whenever the item is set to arrive. When a company is thoughtful like that, a customer will be much more likely to stay with them into the future.

Another intuitive feature of the this Magento 2 plugin is that it allows you to automatically set a time and use an email template to remind customers that their item will be arriving soon. Not only will the customer be able to get their item right when they want it, they’ll have a reminder of when it’ll come just in case they forgot.

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Admin panel

This extension offers a comprehensive, intuitive experience that will streamline all aspects of the delivery date estimation experience. Along with being able to configure which days you won’t deliver and use email templates that can remind your customers of a delivery, this extension allows you to choose where the date for delivery will be displayed. It lets you specify the quote for delivery per day, and it also lets you leave delivery comments if you want to.

A positive admin experience is just as important as a successful customer experience. To that end, we’ve specifically tailored our Magento 2 extension to be as intuitive and user-friendly to the admin as possible. Since this program is so customizable, it can be incorporated into just about any kind of program or website in a way that will make it indistinguishable from the content that you’ve already created. The last thing you want is for this extension to stick out like a sore thumb and look completely out of place.

admin panel delivery date magento 2

This extension includes an extensive set of user documentation as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. While we’re confident that the extension can and will work for you, you have nothing to lose should you not feel comfortable with what we’ve provided. Our results have been proven time and time again, and we have no doubt that you’ll experience these great results too. The extension has been developed by experienced Magento 2 developers who’ve used the best practices regarding programming in Magento and the ZEND Framework. It’s completely open-source, so you or a developer can customize it at will.




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