Magento 2 Free Gift Extension


Getting returning customers can be done in various ways. One of them, and probably the best one, is to include a free gift with the customer’s purchase. This can be anything from a pen with your logo on it to a free product sample. You would be surprised by how much a customer appreciates a free gift included in their purchase. Especially if they get to choose one from a variety of choices. They’ll be sure to return in the future!

Free gift extension for Magento 2

free gift extension Magento 2With the Magento 2 free gift extension, you can automatically add free products to the shopping cart and give discounts on certain items. This can be done once a customer reaches a certain amount in their cart, or if they add certain items to the shopping cart. For example: when a customer has more than $20 in their cart, a pop up appears and lets them choose a free gift.Download extension


With the extension you can add a discount percentage on the price. You can also add a fixed amount as a discount. Not only for certain products, but for the whole cart. You can also set up a rule like buy X get Y for free. All this is possible with the free gift extension. These conditions can be based on a product attribute combination, conditions combination, product subselection and shopping cart attribute.

Configurable Free Items

The free gift can also be a configurable free product. It will appear in the pop up as seen in the image below. User can directly choose the attribute selection and add it to their cart where it will be a gift. This is also indicated in the cart with a special yellow celebration text.
free gift configurable

Free gift options

There are several options you can set up for the free gift. The pop up is completely customizable and you can choose if it pops up, or if the free gift automatically gets added to the cart. You can also choose certain products to which the rules will be applied. The free products will only get added if they’re in stock or out of stock if you wish. You can even choose multiple free gifts for your customers. Everything is completely customizable with this extension.

Additional features

The extension is completely compatible with Magento 2 Community & Enterprise edition. You can use it for multiple storefronts and customer groups. Set rules priorities. Simple and configurable products support, compatible with responsive Magento 2 themes and it supports taxes and currency conversion. The extension has been developed by certified Magento 2 developers. You get 4 months of free support and updates on your extension. You can also get your money back within 30 days if the product is not to your liking. You get a detailed user guide and installation instructions with your purchase.

free gift magento 2Click the “Download Extension” button above to start integrating it in your store today. Set up is simple and easy. Can be done by anyone with a connection to their hosting. Need new Magento hosting? Check out this page for the best ones available.


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