Magento 2 Gift Card Extension


A great source of revenue for a Magento 2 store can be the option to sell customizable gift cards for your store. These gift cards make for a great present that customers can gift to their loved ones on their birthdays or on the holidays for example. However, this functionality doesn’t come with the standard Magento 2 installation.

Luckily, the Gift Card Extension for Magento 2 is exactly what you are looking for. With this extension you can easily add physical or virtual gift certificates to your catalogue. Customers can then customize these gift cards with their own personal message, a custom picture and other custom design choices.

Gift card for Magento 2

The gift card product is displayed on a straightforward Magento 2 product page. The design of this page is completely customizable and has been programmed with the official Magento 2 programming guidelines in mind. Here is an example:

Gift card Magento 2 product

As you can see, the customer can choose to deliver the gift card directly to the recipient’s email, or to get it sent to him as a physical card. They can also add a custom design and personal message. After they have created their gift certificate they can preview it to view the gift card the way it will be delivered to the recipient.

Magento 2 Gift certificate preview

Managing these gift cards from the Magento 2 admin panel is very easy and doesn’t require any development knowledge of Magento. The gift cards are created the same as normal Magento 2 products, and they will work with any custom extension or theme you might have installed. You can also create custom email templates for the delivery of the gift certificate. You can also easily generate an overview of all the issued gift cards, outstanding balance, if they are used or not and much more. Of course, this information can be exported to Excel or CMV format for your administration.

Gift card purchases are logged in the backend at the this codes page so you can easily reimburse the balance or purchase should an issue arise. With great filter options like expiration date, balance or used by customer to help with your retargeting and marketing efforts.

The extension is developed according to the official development guidelines of Magento 2. This ensures that any Magento developer is able to customize this extension easily. The extension is also completely open-source. You can download the extension here.



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