Magento 2 Google XML SEO Sitemap Extension


If there is one thing that all Magento stores have in common it’s that they often have a complex structure that the crawlers from Google find hard to understand. With the Magento 2 XML Sitemap Extension, you can generate complex sitemaps that are easy to understand for Google & other search engines. This ensures you’ll get faster indexation of your products and Google will understand your site better which will lead to higher rankings.

Magento 2 Google XML SEO Sitemap

Magento 2 XML SitemapThis extension is a must-have for every Magento 2 store owner and you will instantly notice the benefits that come with this plugin. The truth is that a lot of store owners don’t know anything about SEO and are just using the standard options Magento 2 provides. By stepping it up a notch you can reach above the competition and in turn Google will favor your site more in the long run.

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The XML Sitemap can be submitted through Google Webmaster tools which ensures Google gets notified anytime you either create or update a product in your store. Additionally, this XML sitemap for Magento 2 will contain links from all locations of your store including category pages, Product pages, CMS Pages, Blogs and Extra links you might want to add yourself. This is literally the most complete way to create a Sitemap in Magento 2.


This extension comes with a wide variety of configurable features. In the overview below we will explain them all to you so you’ll get the clear picture of this extension.

Include Images in Magento 2 Sitemap

XML Sitemap include Images Magento 2Including product images in your Magento 2 sitemap is a huge traffic booster for most online stores. This sitemap will also include the image title, so Google will know what the image is about. This way your online store will start ranking in the Google Images search which provides you with an additional steady source of organic and highly targetted traffic/potential customers.

Google SEO Guidelines

The sitemap is built with the Google SEO guidelines for Magento 2 as the cornerstone of the extension. All the proper structure and XML tags are used to ensure you get the most benefits out of the sitemap.xml file. For large stores, there is an option to specify the maximum amount of items per sitemap, or you can specify the maximum file size of the XML file. When it’s exceeded a specific index file is automatically generated.

Remove links

We understand that sometimes you might want to have some links removed from the sitemap, as they are not that important. With this extension, you can quickly remove individual or a selection of links. This can be managed from the Admin panel and it takes about 3 seconds.

One place for all sitemaps

When you have multiple storefronts or even stores under one admin back-end things can get confusing very quickly. Now you can simply manage all the sitemaps in one place in the Magento 2 admin panel. Optimize the XML file of each storefront quickly without getting confused or creating a mess.

Tweak Smallest details

You can easily change even the smallest details straight in the admin panel of your Magento 2 store. For example the priority of specific page types (categories get higher priority than product pages), or the update frequency of specific types of pages. The more appropriately this is configured, the better Google relies on the information provided.

Magento 2 XML Sitemap structure

Developer Information

This extension has been developed by Magento 2 Certified Developers with years of experience working with the CMS. All Development guidelines have been followed to ensure maximum performance of the extension. It is also completely open-source and all code is accessible & editable to your own customization.


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