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Product labels are an important part of promoting your products in the Magento 2 catalog. It makes a selection of products stand out in a sea of products which from a distance look quite alike. By adding a product label that says “best seller” or “most popular” or “new”, you will attract more attention to that product which gets more people to buy it.

Product labels for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Labels extensionProduct labels have been used since Ecommerce was invented. They’re proven to have a positive impact on your revenue and are a must have for every store owner. With the Product labels for Magento 2 extension you can easily create and add labels to your products without any hassle. The extension is simple to install and you’ll be up and running within minutes.
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Creating eye catching labels with texts like “on sale” will stimulate the conversion rate for that specific product. This extension has a large selection of features which we will cover below.

Custom labels

The most important feature of this extension are of course custom labels. While there are 10 customizable labels included in the extension, you’ll get the most return out of it with custom made product labels that match the style of your Magento 2 store and brand. This makes your store professional and you stand out from the competition, which is very tough nowadays. You can create labels in any shape, colour and form with this extension and easily add them to products in your catalog. You can also make text based labels which for example say “25% off”.

Simple to manage

The extension is very easy to manage and it can all be done from the admin panel of your Magento 2 store. Creating a new product label is done in a few minutes, and then you can use it for an infinite amount of products. While creating the label you’ll get to see a nice preview in the back-end which shows you how it will look on the front-end. You can also add multiple labels to products in all corners of the product image. You can also add pictures of brands to product images based on a specific brand attribute. All these labels can be shown on the category page where your products are displayed.

Product labels Magento 2

Automated conditions

Of course, it would be impossible to add product labels to your products manually, especially if you have a large store. The solution to this problem is automated conditions based on attributes, date, customer groups, price range & more! The extension is so flexible that it can literally work with any and all data in Magento 2. This makes it easier for example to add a “new” or “arrived 2 days ago” label to all products within a week of their creation, or an “on-sale” label for all products that have a special price. You can think of thousands of scenarios that this extension makes possible.
automated rules product labels

Miscelanious options

There are simply just too many options this extension offers but we’ll try to go over the most important ones. You can show badges of simple products on the configurable product page. You can display labels based on category, price, size, stock amount etc. You can show different product labels on the category and product page itself. Add labels to individual products easily. And the whole extension is of course mobile compatible as it’s fully responsive.

Developer info

The extension is completely open-source which means that any and all developers can customize the code to their liking. The extension has been programmed with the latest Magento 2 developer guidelines and code architecture in mind, and is compatible with all versions of M2 Community & Enterprise.


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