Magento 2 Product Questions Extension


product questions magento 2When adding a new product to your Magento store you create a nice product description that offers the customer all the information they might need about your product. However, sometimes customers get turned away from buying your product because they still have questions about it. You wouldn’t know this, because most customers simply leave your store if they can’t find the information they are looking for presented to them on the product page. With the Product Questions extension for Magento 2, your customers get an easy option to ask any question they might have about your product.

Magento 2 Product Questions

With the Magento 2 product questions extension you are able to create a designated area on your product page that customers can use to ask questions about your product. The questions that are asked can be sent directly to you, the store owner, and they can also be displayed on the product page. This display’s the answer you give on your product page, easily viewable by all visitors who might have the same question. When a question is answered, the customer automatically gets an email notification.

What’s even more awesome: previous buyers can also answer product questions! This is a great way for you to get more user generated content in your store, while increasing your user experience.

Product questions and answers can be rated and sorted by rating. This is very easy to display the most asked questions (FAQ) at the top of your product questions area. Typically you will see that a lot of customers have 2 or 3 questions. Through the rating system, these questions get put at the top of your product questions area so that all questions are answered and the customer can proceed with their order.

Product questions ratings magento 2You can easily manage all product questions from the Magento 2 backend. You get an overview of the private questions, and the public questions. You can then answer them quickly in the admin backend. If a private question get’s asked a lot, you can make it public on your product page. Questions can also be displayed on multiple product pages.

The ultimate goal of installing this extension is to get more revenue by answering any questions a customer might have about your product. With the most asked questions already answered on the product page, you make it easier for customers to make the decision to buy your product, which will result in more revenue. You can download the Magento 2 Product Questions module here.

The extension is completely developed according to the Magento 2 development standards. It’s open-source and can be installed without a Magento developer.


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