Magento Development

If you are running a successful Magento store it’s inevitably that you will at some point need a Magento developer to make some changes to your site, install some extensions or to update your theme. However, you can also do this yourself. We have created a few guides that can help you with developing for Magento. Read all our Magento development articles below.

Magento 2 Update Magento 2 Composer

Updating your Magento 2 installation is very easy if you use composer. Below you will find all the steps you need to take to update the system quickly. Updating through composer can be done both…

Magento 2 Remove block from layout

When you are creating your own Magento 2 extension, you often have to remove a block. This was very easy in Magento 1. In M2 it’s very easy as well, but it’s just done a…

Magento 2 Get Magento 2 Base URL

When programming in Magento 2, we at often come across the issue of getting the base url of the current store. This was very easy to do in Magento 1, but in the second…

Magento 2 Magento 2 error reporting

When you are developing in Magento 2, you often come across errors that you can’t “spot” easily. The error log in Magento 2 helps you enormously in finding errors in the code. Unfortunately, in Magento…

Magento 2 Enable PHP Extension intl

One of the most frequent server errors you can get while installing Magento 2 or any other script/CMS is that PHP Extension intl is not enabled on your server or Xampp. The error notice looks…

Magento 2 Magento 2 blog extension

Adding a blog to your Magento 2 store is one of the best ways to spread news about your site, inform your customers about your products and to inform visitors with tutorials. Unfortunately, a blog…

Magento 2 Magento 2 Advanced Product Feeds

Shopping engines are becoming more popular each day, and can be a great source of revenue for Magento 2 store owners. However, setting up, maintaining and updating the feeds is an absolute pain, and Magento…

Magento Extensions that will break with SUPEE-6788

This is a list of extensions that will break your Magento installations when applying security patch SUPEE-6788 or when updating to/installing Magento This is because these extensions use the old style of creating an adminhtml…

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