Magento Enterprise: What Does it Cost?


In the Ecommerce world, a paradigm shift is happening. Lots of entrepreneurs who have run their stores for more than a few years are looking to expand their operations to generate more revenue. The most important thing in that expansion is the reliability of their Ecommerce platform. Most online store owners who started out with the Magento Community edition decide to upgrade to the Magento Enterprise edition. However, what does such an upgrade cost in reality? We have done some research and asked for a quote for a complete Magento Enterprise set up at 5 different Magento agencies in the United States. We will outline the costs that you can expect when you decide to switch to Magento Enterprise below.

Magento Enterprise License

The biggest cost that you can expect is probably the Magento Enterprise license. The license costs you $15,000 per year, and gives you the following benefits in terms of service from Magento themselves:

– Periodically checking the development qualities of your chosen Magento agency. The company that develops your Magento Enterprise site can get checked by Magento at any moment for a code quality check. This ensures that your Enterprise store will be developed with the best-known programming techniques, as the company doesn’t want to lose their Magento partnership.

– A blazing fast Magento Store. Due to efficient programming and product indexation in the Enterprise edition, site speed is a lot better than the Community version. This is beneficial for your Search engine rankings, and more pleasant for your users when they browse and search on your site. You should also seriously consider getting hosting optimized for Magento, as it will massively improve the speed of the CMS. The servers on an optimized hosting environment are set up in a way that benefits the ZEND framework massively, which in turn increases the speed of your online store.

Magento enterprise cost

However, the $15,000 yearly that we mentioned is only the cost of the license of the enterprise edition. You’ll also need to pay your Magento developers to create the store on top of the enterprise installation. This can cost another $15,000, with around $5,000 yearly to keep the site up to date, install new extensions, theme upgrades and more.

In short, if you are serious about starting an online store on Magento Enterprise you should think of $30,000 for the first year, and then $20,000 each year after.


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