Magento Enterprise License Fees to Increase 35% in 2017


The yearly Magento Enterprise license fees are set to increase significantly in 2017 according to sources inside the company. While nothing has been confirmed by the company, they’re expected to make this announcement soon. The Enterprise edition license fees are set for a 35% increase from $18,000 to $24,300 per year. The pricing increase comes just about a year after the release of Magento 2.0.

The price increase is only for Magento 1.x Enterprise stores. Magento 2.0 Enterprise edition pricing stays the same way it is now, with its percentage based fee depending on the revenue your store generates.

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition License Cost

Revenue (in USD) License Cost (Year) (In USD) Percentage
0 – 1M 22K min  2.2%
1M – 5M 32K 3.2% – 0.64%
5M – 10M 49K 0.98% – 0.49%
10M – 25M 75K 0.75% – 0.3%


Price Increase

The reason for the price increase is Magento encouraging customers to upgrade to the Magento 2.x Enterprise platform. Some people also expect the price increase has something to do with Magento being an independent company now that they’re no longer a part of Ebay. This means they

Ebay sold Ebay Enterprise (Including Magento Inc) last year to a group of investment firms for a reported $925 million.

The Magento 1.x Enterprise Edition license fee is set to increase in price in Q1 2017.


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