Magento Gift Card & Gift Certificate Extension


With the Gift Card and Gift Certificate Extension for Magento you can sell gift cards & certificates directly to your customers through your online store. These gift cards can be printed, emailed and sent to friends through e-mail or post-office.

Offering gift cards in your Magento store can greatly increase your revenue. We often hear from Magento store owners that adding the options to buy gift cards in their online store unexpectedly increased revenue significantly. The reason for this is that gifting a friend or family member a gift certificate is completely risk-free. No risk of disappointed faces and returns because the receiver didn’t like the present or already had it. Plus, you get cash upfront for something that hasn’t been sold yet and it will expose your store to more customers.

Magento Gift Card Extension

Magento Gift Card Options

The extension features a wide range of clever options that make it the best extension for selling gift cards in Magento. It has flexible gift certificate amounts which can be selected by the customer, delivery options, balance tracking on customer account, easy checkout & more!

Product Type

The extension adds a completely new product type to your Magento installation that you can use. This enables you to sell the gift certificate as a traditional product in your Magento store. It will also work with any product extensions/services.

Custom Value

You can let your customers choose from a range of values for the gift card. You can specify what different types of gift cards are available for purchase.

Delivery Options

The gift certificate can be sent to the receiver through e-mail or post-office. Cards come with a personal message from the sender.

Checkout Activation

The gift card is activated by during the checkout process by entering the validation code of the card. You can use several cards for a purchase, and any left over balance will be added to the customer’s account balance. This balance can be viewed in the customer account area.

Easy Backend Control

Store owners can easily create, track and activate/deactivate gift cards. Great for fraud prevention or other suspicious activity that needs your personal attention.

Card Expiry Date

You can set a customizable amount of time that the gift card is valid. After this time passes the card automatically expires without any manual action from you.

The extension is completely customizable and has been developed by the recommended Magento standards. Click Here download the extension for Magento Community & Enterprise.


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