Magento Points & Rewards: Increase customer loyalty


One of the big challenges for any Magento store after you’ve generated a sale, is to keep the customer coming back over and over again. Studies have shown that the majority of ecommerce revenue comes from repeat customers. Companies like Amazon are spending millions of dollars on branding and increasing customer loyalty because they know it’s where the big money is. So, what makes these repeat customers so good, and why should I try to gain them?

  • Brand Loyalty. Say you own a store that sells men’s socks. I don’t know about you, but my socks tend to last for 2 months a pair. I have around 10 pairs in my closet, which need replacement every 2 months. Thats 10 x 6 = 60 pairs of socks a year. I buy my socks at a special retailer for about $8.99 a pair. This means that I’m spending around $540 a year at that one retailer, only because I’m a very loyal customer that loves their brand and products.
  • Search Engine Independence. Another great thing about repeat customers is the complete independence of Search Engines. Loyal customers most likely follow you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They know the URL of your store and probably visit your site at least once a month. They connect with your brand on a daily basis via various social media platforms. Simply said: they know who you are, what you deliver and where they can find you. They won’t use a search engine to find you, because they already know where they can find you. This means that if Google would decide to completely remove you from the index, they will still find you and buy from you.
  • Face to face recommendations. One of the best things about customers who love your brand is that they love to share their love for your brand. They do this in a variety of ways: Instagram posts, face to face recommendations, Facebook statuses and many other ways. It also helps that they are using your products on a daily basis which means that they are in some kind of way advertising/rooting for your brand (good example are my socks).

Gain customer loyalty for your Magento store

Now that we know the importance of getting customers addicted to your brand and converting them into repeat customers, it’s time to learn how we can get repeat customers for your Magento store. From our experience with hundreds of Magento store owners, the Magento Points and Rewards Extension is the best way to gain loyal and repeat customers for your store or brand.

With this extension you can reward your loyal customers with points and rewards that makes them come back over and over again. Here are a few of the possibilities that you can reward your customers with:

  • Registration at your Magento Store
  • Newsletter signup
  • Product review
  • Tagging product
  • Poll participation
  • Customer’s birthday
  • Video upload
  • Product question answer

As you can see, these are all great ways to incentivize your customers to spend time on your site, interact with your brand and give their opinion about it. You can add a few points to each one of these actions.

What can customers do with these points?



These reward points can be converted to discounts or account balance. You can set an expiration limit to this balance, say 60 days, before the balance will expire. This means that the customer gets a nice discount if he purchases within 2 months. You should of course customize this expiration date to fit your own products. For example: if you sell thousand dollar Macbook’s it doesn’t make sense to give them a 60 day discount after their purchase, as they have just bought a laptop that will last them several years.

Another great thing about these rewards are that customers love to share them with their friends. In this video below is an example of how American Airlines incorporated a rewards system for their most frequent flyers, and how Youtuber Casey Neistat shared it with his audience.

Are you ready to take your store’s revenue to the next level by increasing customer loyalty and gaining repeat customers? Let us know your strategy in the comments below, and we might do a post about how your brand successfully integrates this concept in you Magento store.


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