Magento Store Locator Extension


Finding a way to display your offline store locations on your Magento online store is a feature that doesn’t come included in the standard Magento installation. However, this function should be added because it will greatly boost your sales. Showing your physical outlets or a traditional brick-and-mortar store on your Magento online store will instantly increase your brand’s value and most importantly, it will function as a big sign of trust to your customers.

Magento Store Locator Extension

With the Magento Store Locator Extension by AheadWorks you’ll be able to list your offices, physical stores or service centers. The extension will create a special area on your Magento site where the store locator can be viewed by your customers. Customers can type in their location and search for stores within a certain radius of their location so they can easily check which physical store is the closest one near them. Customers can also search by address, or from any other location.

Magento Store Locator Extension

Google Maps

The stores are displayed on an interactive map powered by Google Maps. Each of your physical stores or offices is displayed on this Google Map, and can be individually viewed with a big variety of information about that specific store. For example you can display the stores Address, Opening Hours, Contact information, a photo of the store and much more! All this data can easily be imported from a .csv or .xml file. The data can also be easily exported. You don’t have to add each store information individually. Google Maps also supports map & satellite view as well as a built-in navigation from their location to your store.

store locator Magento Google Maps

The Store Locator for Magento is completely designed & developed with the Magento standards & rules in mind. The store locator will automatically adjust to the style of your store’s template/theme without any customizing required. If you want you can of course easily edit the extensions layout and style because the extension is completely open source. Click here to download the extension for Community and Enterprise.


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