Magento is an open source e-Commerce platform created in 2008. The system is the biggest online shopping cart solution, and powers 26% of all webshops on the web. We blog Tutorials and Programming tips for Magento and help you to improve the quality of your webshop.

Magento Increase Magento site speed

Magento sites are generally very big & slow because they have a lot of products in the catalog. Because of this, the database gets filled with a huge amount of data that needs to be indexed,…

Magento mysql import & export via ssh

Importing a Mysql file to your database via phpMyAdmin can be a slow and tedious process. Not to mention the fact that most phpMyAdmin installations are limited to import a few Megabytes of data. Most of the…

Magento Magento SEO Guide

When running a Magento webshop, SEO is vital for your organic listings. Organic traffic can become a big part of your revenue, so you should definitely SEO optimize your Magento shop. We found that other…

Magento Magento Logo

The Magento Caching system is a great way to improve the loading speed of your store, as pages are cached after only one pageview/visit. The page stays cached until you decide to flush the cache…

Magento What is Magento

Magento is the leading e-Commerce content management system that lets users manage and run a webshop for their business. It was first released on March 31 of 2008. The CMS is feature rich, free and Open…

Magento Hostgator web hosting

If you’re hoping to have any type of web presence, eventually you’ll need to get around to hosting. Even if you build your website through a free resource like WordPress, it’s important that you have…