How to Register a Domain Name


When you are creating a website, the first thing you need to think of is the domain name. It needs to be catchy, preferrably a .com, and above all easy to remember. You also don’t want a domain name with hypens, numbers or more then 2 words in it.

Example of a bad domain name:

As you can see, its way too long, contains an awful lot of hyphens, and is simply not catchy enough to remember. A domain name should to be easy easy to remember, even if the user has only seen it once.

Example of a good domain name:

The domain is easy to remember, consists of 2 words, and directly tells the users what the website is about. It also doesn’t contain any hyphens, numbers, or any other weird symbols that might confuse the user. Finding a good domain name can take some time, and thats okay. The domain name typically is the brand name of your website, so creating it should not be rushed.

Top Level Domains (TLD’s)

You should always go with a Top Level Domain (TLD). There are different kinds of TLD’s, and we have listed a few of them below:

– Country specific TLD’s, cointaining 2 letters. Examples: .fr, .nl, .de. These domains are mostly used for the language the site is in. A french site most of the time has a .fr domain.

– Generic Top Level Domains: Domains with 3 letters, can be used for any type of site. Examples: .com, .net, org. We highly recommend that you choose one of these, as they are simply the best. They have the best SEO advantage, and a good reputation. ICANN is adding new domain names lately as .gift, .ceo, .ninja and other very flashy domain names. As nice as they might look, they are easily outperformed by any .com, .net or .org.

Registering a Domain Name

Now that you have come up with a great domain name that matches all the above criteria, its time to register your first domain name. There are several domain registrars that allow you to register a domain name. We highly recommend Siteground. They have a great customer service, and they are very easy to use. If you also order hosting with them you can use coupon code “CODINGBASICS” to get a $9.94 discount upon checkout.

You can checkout with a Paypal account, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Bitcoin & More. After you have registered your domain, you can go to your account panel. In the account panel you can specify things like the Nameservers, WHOIS information & more.


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