About Us

Coding Basics is a blog that writes about anything related to the web world. Coding Basics was founded in 2014 from an ambition to provide more knowledge on Magento. We aim to write useful tutorials for Developers, Designers, Webmasters & Online Marketing Specialists. Why? Because we have a very dedicated team of Webmasters, Developers & Marketeers working on this blog, that often come across frustrating moments when they work.

The team consists of a dedicated team of Developers that work on websites daily, and a few marketers that optimize our clients websites. With more than 5 years of working experience at the company, we have come across the most common problems that Webmasters & Developers face today.

The goal is to blog about any frustrating issue we might come across while working on projects for our clients. We will try to describe the situation as thoroughly as possible, and then describe the solution that worked for us. We also write tutorials about the basics of programming & coding, and managing a website. Some more advanced tutorials on subjects like developing Magento Modules, or WordPress Plugin are also available.

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