Use Instant Messaging to Improve Customer Service


Customer Service in Ecommerce is as important as it can get. Communication with your customers has become more about sending a message and receiving feedback, whereas it used to be only to send information. Customers have various ways to send you information like through social channels or a contact form, but those are not always usable for some people.

Mobile messaging & Ecommerce are a perfect fit

Recently, a new communication channel has emerged, and not a lot of ecommerce store owners are maximizing it’s potential. Mobile messaging applications are used on a daily basis. Think of your own communication behaviour: how many times in a day do you use a mobile messaging application? Probably more than once or twice. There are 2 applications that have exploded in terms of user base and daily usage statistics, and they would be a great addition to integrate into your online shop. Through these 2 apps, customers can instantly send you a message, and you can reply to them very fast as you have your phone always nearby. This creates a good customer service, which in return builds trust among your customers.


Whatsapp symbolThis application is the first one that you should be using to improve your customer service. The application was acquired by Facebook a year ago and since then it has grown to be the biggest mobile messaging application in the world. It’s free to download, and you can set it up in a few minutes. Messages sent and received are encrypted so it’s very safe for customers to share information like order details. You can integrate it into your ecommerce store by adding a small WhatsApp symbol in your footer or sidebar along with your number so customers can contact you.


iMessage symboliMessage is the 2nd biggest mobile messaging application, and it is definitely a channel that you want your customers to be able to reach you on. It was first only released on iOS devices, but now it’s also available on Android. Sending messages through iMessage is very easy, and with the new cross-platform chatting functions the user base has grown tremendously. Secure message sending through encryption is also included in the application. You can integrate it by adding your iMessage ID or Email to your site.

Using these apps to give customers an extra channel to reach you can seriously improve your revenue. Research has shown that 75% of the satisfied customers on a ecommerce site actually buys something. This makes it worth it to make sure your customers are always happy.


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