Use Multiple Coupon Codes Magento 2


Promotions in Magento 2 are a very effective incentive for online customers. Giving them a promo code can trigger purchases, special actions (email signup, filling out a review, etc) that they otherwise wouldn’t have done. However, most store owners will face a common problem after giving out coupons to customers. By default, you can only use one coupon code per one order at a time in Magento 2. This is highly inconvenient for most store owners as stores usually have more than one promotion running. You might want to give customers a 5% discount coupon after they’ve subscribed to your email list, and have a regular 10% discount coupon running for all customers. The customer can only use one of those 2 coupons on their order.

Multiple Coupons on Magento 2 Order

The Multiple Coupons in Magento 2 extension is the solution to your troubles. It easily enables your customers to add multiple coupon codes on one order in Magento 2. This works for both logged in and guest customers. You can specify in the admin panel which user groups may add multiple coupons. The extension will display the used coupons in the checkout and cart and process them with your order, just like the default functionality.

Magento 2 multiple coupons

Manage Coupon Usage

Of course, sometimes you might want to prevent that some coupon codes are not able to be used together. This is no problem, as you can set in the admin panel which coupon codes are not allowed to be used together. You can also easily add or remove multiple coupon codes when creating orders in the admin panel.

That’s all there is to it. The extension is small but tremendously functional and solid. It works perfectly on Magento 2, and has been developed according to the Magento development rules by certified developers. It’s open-source and easily customizable.


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